Take Two: the criminal justice system revisited

In 1991 Tim Anderson was acquitted of charges related to a bombing outside a political conference in Sydney, in 1978.
In 1992 he published a book (Take Two, Bantam, Sydney) about his arrests, court cases, and prison experiences,
over the previous thirteen years. Take Two is now out of print, but its full text is reproduced here, along with a 2002 update.

1. Out of the Blue
2. Ananda Marga
3. The Hilton Explosion
4. The Yagoona Case
5. My Police Record
6. Denning goes 'on the dog'
7. The Pederick Story
8. The Multiple Choice Bombing
9. Captain Enguerrand Rides On
10. To the Magistrate
11. Contempt is a One Way Street
12. Talking Tough
13. Trial
14. Conviction
15. From the Sydney Police Centre
16. A Day Out
17. The Construction of Evidence
19. It Seemed Like I Never Left
20. The Non-Worker's Yard
21. Troublemaker
22. Every Jail a Factory
23. The Story of David Walker
24. Justice for the Guilty
25. Judgement
26. The Role of the Informer
27. Crime and the Mass Media
28. Living with Spies
29. Johnny Walker and British Justice
30. ICAC Loks at Informers
31. Judges, Lawyers and Juries
32. The Fall-Out
33. And in Conclusion

2002: UPDATE

Take Two

Take Two, 1992


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